About the Campaign

“Fight Your Carbon Footprint Now” educational campaign

Climate change has consequences that go well beyond temperature increase of several degrees. They cause imbalances in land and marine ecosystems, losses to biodiversity, disturbances of the water cycle, decreased agricultural productivity, etc. This causes a chain reaction with a snowball effect and a very serious feedback loops with irreversible consequences for the environment and human health.

Human activities (related to agriculture, the energy sector, transport, production of consumer goods, etc.) emit huge amounts of gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). These gases are responsible for the increase in the average temperature on the Earth’s surface, or greenhouse effect, which is why they are known as greenhouse gases.

The good news is that thanks to the work of scientists and experts over the past 40 years, we have gained a much better understanding of climate change, and the methods we can use and adaptation solutions we can implement to improve the deteriorating situation are known and documented. This means that each of us can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as individuals, families, schools and neighbourhoods, and encourage others to do the same. Regardless of these activities, we must demand that politicians and economic leaders deal with the development and implementation of systemic solutions, i.e. positive changes on a larger scale.

We want to show you that you have a real impact on the reality that surrounds us. Are you a student? A teacher? High school principal? A parent who knows a teacher or has children in secondary school?

You can encourage your school to participate in our educational campaign entitled “Fight Your Carbon Footprint Now”.

About the campaign

A new educational and ecological project by Little Greenfinity entitled “Fight Your Carbon Footprint Now” is being organised thanks to support from BNP Paribas Securities Services Polska. The project aims to raise awareness of climate change among students and teachers.
Its main goal is to show the possibility of real change and proactivity in everyday life at the local community level.

The campaign is aimed at all secondary schools throughout Poland – both teachers and students.

The project is divided into 3 stages:

1. Training for teachers – conducted by Little Greenfinity trainers and educators (September/November 2021).

2. Workshops for students – carried out by teachers who have been trained by Little Greenfinity (October/December 2021).

3. Competition for students – “Fight Your Carbon Footprint Now”. The competition involves creating a local project, the implementation of which will result in a reduction of CO2 emissions in the local community (school, home or neighbourhood). Students can choose one of 3 categories. An award will be granted in each category. The award will take the form of substantive and/or financial assistance with project implementation thanks to support from our project partner, BNP Paribas Securities Services. We will launch the competition in November 2021 and provide more information about the rules and applicable dates in the tab “News” under “For teachers” and “For students”.

Unable to participate in the first two stages of the campaign? That’s okay!

The third stage is open to all secondary school students, regardless of whether or not your school has participated in teacher training and student workshops.

We need systemic changes (in energy production and agriculture) to be able to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming below 2 degrees. But each of us also has an important role to play every single day. That is why the main goal of the competition is to show students the possibility of real change and proactivity in everyday life at the local community level. We want to encourage and engage Polish youth in activities aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the local community level, as well as increase awareness among young people that they can have a real impact on their surroundings by creating a project whose implementation will allow them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their community (at school, home or in their neighbourhood/town).

1. Students may choose one of the 3 competition categories:

2. Students should create a presentation of their project concept in one of the following formats: video (5 minutes or less), text file (5 pages or less) or PowerPoint (7 slides or less). The presentation should indicate:

Additionally, students should prepare a short (40 words or less) written summary of the project along with the title.

3. The team supervisor (teacher) should submit the project by sending a short written summary and project presentation along with the attachments specified in the Competition Rules to the email address hej@redukujCO2.pl by 14 March 2022.

4. The results of the competition will be announced by 15 April 2022.

5. The awarded projects will take part in a presentation of finalists at an award ceremony in April 2022 at the headquarters of the project partner, BNP Paribas Securities Services, in Warsaw.

An award will be granted in each of the categories. The award will take the form of substantive and/or financial assistance with project implementation (in part or in full, depending on project needs). Thanks to the support of our project partner, BNP Paribas Securities Services, the total value of all prizes amounts to as much as PLN 25,000.

More details on project submissions and the necessary attachments can be found in the Competition Rules. A poster promoting the competition may be helpful in encouraging students to participate. We invite you to publish/print the poster in places where it is visible and helpful for promoting the competition among your students.

All student projects submitted to the competition, as well as the competition results, will be published on our website: www.redukujCO2.pl.

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